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First-quarter earnings season is largely wrapped up and it got steadily stronger from beginning to end. The story for the rest of the year appears to be less optimistic for a number of Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 sectors, and this looks to be weighing on share prices.

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John Spear, USAA’s CIO of Mutual Funds, discusses the first quarter of 2018 and market conditions going forward.


A manager of the USAA International Fund (USIFX) believes now may be a good time for non-U.S. small-cap stocks. Key reasons behind that belief are that, compared to the Russell 2000, global small cap stocks carry a significant multiple discount and are no more expensive than they were in 2014.

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USAA Investments and MSCI present how multi-factor equity and actively managed fixed income ETFs can be deployed to enhance a portfolio’s risk adjusted return.